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Dr. Anjana Kothari


Research Scientist

Dr. Atanu Banerjee


Associate Professor

Dr. Vanarajsinh Solanki


Research Scientist

Dr. Kamesh Baskaran


Research Scientist

Dr Miteshkumar Patel


Assistant Professor

Dr Prabhin Sukumaran


Assistant Professor


Thrust Areas of Research (TAR)

TAR-1 Magnetic Fluids based technologies Dr. Kinnari Parekh
TAR-2 Development of inorganic and perovskite based solar cells Dr. Anjana Kothari
TAR-1 Bioremediation for water purifications, nuclear biology Dr. Kamesh Baskaran
TAR-4 Metal oxide Based NH3 sensor in high humid atmosphere & metal dichalcogenides for photo detection Dr. Vanaraj Solanki
TAR-5 Biomimetic Model Studies of Metalloenzymes Active Site Dr. Atanu Banerjee
TAR-6 Magneto Rheological fluid-devices Dr. R. V. Upadhyay and Dr. Dipal Patel
TAR-7 flexible cathode materials for Li, Na and K ion battery, electrodes for sea water battery, supercapacitor, MOF Dr. Mitesh Patel
TAR-8 Human Climate Interaction Dr. Prabhin Sukumaran

Research Projects

Monodispersed Temperature sensitive Magnetic Fluid: Synthesis Characterization and Effect on Cancer Spheroids

PI: Dr. Kinnari Parekh, CO-PI: Dr. Neeraj Jain

Funding: ₹72.799 Lacs SERB-CRG, Ongoing

Development of one-time and multi-standard colour chart for detecting total Uranium in drinking water using digital camera approach

PI: Dr Kamesh VB, CO-PI: Dr S. Ghurge from UGC-DAE Kolkata node

Funding: ₹45k, UGC-DAE-CRS, Ongoing

Lessons from Nature: Fixation of Atmospheric CO2 by Reversing the Manganese Containing Oxalate Oxidase Enzymatic Pathway

PI: Dr. Atanu Banerjee

Funding: ₹16.86 Lacs CSIR, New Delhi, 2021

To evaluate the in-vitro hyperthermic effects of magnetic fluid on cancer cells

PI: Dr. Neeraj Jain, CO-PI: Dr. Kinnari Parekh

Funding: ₹32.23 Lacs ICMR, New Delhi, 2021

Design and development of prototype shock absorber/isolator using magneto rheological dampers

PI: Dr. R V Upadhyay

Funding: ₹12.00 Lacs Lubgraf Synoil Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad Industry, 2017

To engineer and develop suitable magnetic fluid for the induction heating based therapeutic strategy against cancer

PI: Dr. Kinnari Parekh, CO-PI: Dr. Neeraj Jain

Funding: ₹49.38 Lacs SERB - DST, New Delhi, 2017

Development of thin film solar cells with low-cost earth-abundant materials by Inkjet Printing

PI: Dr. Anjana Kothari, Co-PI: Dr. Vipul Kheraj

Funding: ₹43.22 Lacs SERB - DST, New Delhi, 2017

Development of solution-Based Zno nanostructures as light harvesters for low-cost solar photovoltaics

PI: Dr. Anjana Kothari, Co-PI: Dr. T K Chaudhuri

Funding: ₹04.05 Lacs GUJCOST, Gujarat 2016

Thermal conductivity of nanofluids: Potential application in Heat transfer devices

PI: Dr. Kinnari Parekh, Co-PI: Dr. Sachin Joshi

Funding: ₹03.75 Lacs SERB - GUJCOST, Gujarat 2013

Supramolecular hydrogels an efficient carrier for sustained/targeted delivery of biomedicinal polyoxometalates

PI: Dr.Sachin Joshi

Funding: ₹21.07 Lacs Fast Track Scheme - DST 2012

Studies on electrical and photoelectronic properties of PbS/polymer nanocomposites

PI: Prof. T. K. Chaudhuri

Funding: ₹06.00 Lacs UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Indore 2014

Inkjet printing of Inorganic thin films for solar photovoltaics

PI: Prof. T. K. Chaudhuri, Co-PI: Dr. Anjana Kothari

Funding: ₹73.00 Lacs Solar Energy Research Initiatives (SERI), DST 2011

Ferro Fluids : Science Technology Applications

Dr. R. V. Upadhyay Co-PI: Dr. Kinnari Parekh , Dr. Rucha Desai

Funding: ₹285.66 Lacs TDP, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi 2012


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